Gemstone Station Necklaces

Perk up your everyday look with a deBebians classic station necklace. Find the perfect multicolored gemstone station necklace to wear with any number of work and casual outfits. All station necklaces are crafted with fine quality gemstones and include chains made of 14K white or yellow gold, 18K white or yellow gold or platinum. Choose your desired chain length of 16 inches or 18 inches.

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0.50 cttw Aquamarine Station Necklace ITEM #: AQBY-050-14
Amethysts and VS Diamonds Necklace ITEM #: ADBY-050-VS-14
Aquamarines and I1 Diamonds Bezel Necklace ITEM #: AQDBY-050-I1-14
Peridot and Diamond Station Necklace ITEM #: PDBY-050-I1-14
Diamond and Peridot Bezel Necklace ITEM #: PDBY-050-SI-14
Amethyst Necklace ITEM #: ABY-100-14
Station Necklace with Aquamarine ITEM #: AQBY-100-14
Station Style Black Diamond Necklace ITEM #: BDBY-100-14
Peridot Station Necklace ITEM #: PBY-100-14
Yellow Sapphire by the Inch Necklace ITEM #: YSBY-100-14
Diamond and Amethyst by the Inch Necklace ITEM #: ADBY-100-I1-14
Necklace of Amethysts and VS Diamonds ITEM #: ADBY-100-VS-14
Aquamarine and VS Diamond Bezel Necklace ITEM #: AQDBY-100-VS-14
Blue Sapphire Gemstone Necklaces ITEM #: SDBY-130
Peridot and SI Diamond String Necklace ITEM #: PDBY-100-SI-14
Station Necklace with Peridot and VS Diamond ITEM #: PDBY-100-VS-14

The Classic Station Necklace

The station necklace came into being during the 1960s when fashionable ladies desired fun, chic and versatile jewelry. It's called a station necklace because decorative jewelry accents are "stationed" at specific intervals on the chain. Once introduced to the public, the style took off, and today the gemstone station necklace is a classic favorite.

A Classy Way to Enjoy Gemstones

Everyone has one or more favorite gemstone, and by choosing a station necklace, you can enjoy wearing your preferred stone in a whole new way. Depending on the design, your desired station necklace may feature five or more gems per chain. These dainty diamond, sapphire, ruby, garnet and peridot stones appear in simple settings that allow gems to standout, creating a classy jewelry accessory that beautifully completes your outfit.

Layer Necklaces for Extra Pizzazz

All our gemstone station necklaces look great when worn alone. However, you can easily expand your accessory look by layering two necklaces together. For example, if you desire combinations such as a sapphire and aquamarine necklace, or a peridot and sapphire necklace, you can accomplish this look by selecting an aquamarine necklace, blue or pink sapphire gemstone necklace or a peridot necklace. Combine necklaces whenever you feel like mixing light and dark blue, blue and green or pink and green together.

Diamonds and Colorful Stones

Some of our station necklaces feature a single type of stone. For instance, you can choose a necklace with deep red garnet stones or bright and cheery yellow sapphires. If you love diamonds, select styles featuring diamonds interspersed with colorful stones. Diamonds add visual appeal, charm and a touch of elegance to this popular necklace style.

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