Women's Signet Rings from deBebians

We've been working hard to revamp our signet ring collections to make it even easier to select the perfect face shape and size for you or a loved one. We created signet rings in the three most popular shapes: round, oval, and square. We offer five different face sizes for each of these shapes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.  The side-by-side comparison image shows each of the five sizes next to each other, the measurements of the rings in millimeters, and the rings next to a dime for scale. I wanted to highlight these images today and show all of the rings together.

Round signet rings are among the most popular shapes. These women's round signet rings are offered in five different sizes: Extra Large (13x13mm), Large (12x12mm), Medium (10.50x10.5mm), Small (9x9mm), and Extra Small (8x8mm).

Many of our clients prefer the elongated face shape of our women's oval signet rings. Our sizes range from: Extra Large (13x16.5mm), Large (12x15mm), Medium (10.50x13mm), Small (9x11mm), and Extra Small (8x10mm).

We also created a line of square women's signet rings that are available in the following sizes and dimensions: Extra Large (13x13mm), Large (12x12mm), Medium (10.5x10.5mm), Small (9x9mm), and Extra Small (8x8mm).

To order your signet ring, use the provided drop-down menus on the individual product page. You may select the finger size, metal type, and engraving options. Please contact a deBebians jewelry expert if you have any questions. Browse all of our women's signet rings to see additional designs and styles.

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