Woman Reunited with Treasured Wedding Ring in Village Outside of London

When tragedy struck at home in February of this year, a woman thought that she would never gaze upon her beloved five-stone diamond ring again.  Burglars had broken into her home, located in Cheam.  Cheam is a village suburb outside of Greater London, Surrey, and Sutton, England.  Theodora is an avid member of various art groups there, and Theodora is the pseudonym that she uses to protect her identity.  She enjoys painting portraits and animals in watercolors.  Theodora has lived in the same house since 1940, when she was sixteen years old.

The exact worth of this ring is valued at around £1,500, or roughly $2,407.  However it has great sentimental value to Toft.  Toft inherited the ring in 1964 from her mother when she died.  This ring had previously served as her mother’s wedding ring.

“I can’t believe I have got the ring back because I certainly didn’t expect to see it again.  You get used to accepting that it’s gone forever,” she said.  She described the police officers as helpful and friendly, which was certainly reinforced when they had informed her that the ring had been recovered a pawnbrokers on June 28.

Police also recovered a suspect, age 45, that confessed to the crime this April.  He is due to be sentenced in just two weeks on July 22nd, 2011.

Sutton’s police station encourages anyone that has any information that could potentially aid their police force with their work to contact them at 0300 123 1212 or to call Crimestopper’s anonymous hotline at 0800 555 111. Coat of arms of Sutton and Cheam Borough Council

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