Will your wedding rings last forever?


These plain gold wedding rings are easy to size but, like all wedding rings, are still easy to lose. If you have an expensive wedding ring, you should insure it to protect yourself against loss or damage.

That’s a good question. Working for deBebians, I’ve noticed that some of our clients believe that the wedding rings they’re purchasing are something of a “forever” ring, a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. And that’s certainly possible for some people out there, like my mother. My mom has worn the same platinum diamond engagement ring and wedding band set (soldered together) throughout her entire marriage of nearly 50 years, and she most likely will have it the rest of her natural life. She is the type of person who has remained the same size her entire adult life and is meticulous about taking good care of her belongings.

My father, on the other hand, has replaced his wedding ring several times over the years. His finger size changed, or he lost his ring. He always wore a very traditional domed yellow gold wedding band while I was growing up but switched to a spinner titanium band with laser engraving on the outside several years ago. It was probably one of the most adventurous fashion choices he ever made, and I thought it was cool that he decided to do something different after wearing a plain band for so many years.

When it comes to me and my husband, into only three years of marriage, it turns out that we’re more like my father than my mother in this area. My finger size has gotten smaller, and both my engagement ring and wedding ring are too big. I still wear them anyway fairly regularly, but they’re pretty loose. I can slip them on and off very easily, and sometimes they fall off. The engagement ring, which is white gold, could be sized. The wedding ring, though, is made out of titanium and cannot be sized.

Similarly, my husband has misplaced his wedding ring. He’s searched everywhere for it. It’s been missing a few months now, and he still thinks it’s going to turn up one day. I plan to eventually buy him a new one. (I’ve actually spent more time thinking about our current wedding ring situation than doing anything about it. Does this count? No.)

I guess my point is that, for most people, wedding rings change over a lifetime. You may lose it. It may get too big or too small and can’t be resized, depending on the style or material. It may become dated in its design. You may want to switch or upgrade to something else. When you get married, you’re making a commitment to a person, not to a piece of jewelry. The jewelry is simply symbolic. I know it’s personal for everyone, but my feeling is that, for most people, wedding rings do not last forever; but hopefully your marriage will and be a happy one at that 🙂

If you’re like me and need some help with your wedding ring situation, deBebians can help you with sizing, upgrading, updating, resetting, or anything else you may need to take care of your wedding ring needs. Click through below to visit the main site or give us a call during business hours at 213-627-1300, and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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