Why Do Brides & Grooms Prefer Platinum Wedding Jewelry?

Mens platinum wedding bands are superior when compared to rings made from any other type of metal.

More couples are choosing platinum wedding jewelry for their wedding bands in particular.  According to research, 81 percent of upcoming brides prefer platinum for their bridal jewelry.  But is platinum jewelry worth the extra expense?

Absolutely!  When comparing otherwise identical mens platinum wedding bands to gold wedding bands, a consumer will notice the difference immediately in terms of weight.  Platinum is more dense than gold.  Therefore, platinum is 60 percent heavier than 14kt gold & 40 percent heavier than 18kt gold.

Platinum jewelry is a rare metal and the ultimate status symbol.  It is 30 times more rare than gold.  It also will not wear away will is ideal to become a family heirloom.  Our platinum jewelry and mens platinum wedding bands are created with platinum 950, which is 95% platinum and 5% iridium.  Platinum jewelry is therefore purer than gold jewelry.  Platinum jewelry is also pure white the entire way through, so the color will not fade over time and your jewelry will not need to be rhodium-plated like white gold jewelry.

Platinum is also hypo-allergenic and idea for those that suffer from a nickel allergy.  This non-corrosive metal is the purchase of a lifetime and you will not regret choosing such a quality metal for your wedding jewelry.

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