What was the Best Bridesmaid Gift you Ever Recieved?

Chances are, if you have entered into your adult life and have close friends, that you have been a bridesmaid at least once, maybe even more times than you’d like to admit.  Even though being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work, it can have its perks as well, such as getting to dress up, bond even more with your girlfriends, and on top of that you also get to receive bridesmaid gifts.  What has your favorite or best bridesmaid gift been?

best bridesmaid gift

A necklace with bezel set diamonds is a favored bridesmaid gift because it can be worn on the day as the wedding, as well as for many years to come.

Affordable, monogrammed tote bags and filled with goodies are never a bad idea.  Many brides like to pamper their bridesmaids with several different gifts.  These gifts can range from things that will make the wedding weekend go by easier to practical things that you can use each and every day. Cute, rhinestone covered flip-flops are almost a must, so that the bridesmaids can change into something less restricting during the wedding reception.

Jewelry is also always well-received, especially classic pieces that can be enjoyed long after the wedding is over.  A diamond station necklace is one such piece of jewelry that can be mixed and matched with many different outfits, but can also be worn as wedding jewelry.  Jewelry featuring bezel set diamonds is sophisticated and will easily be a favorite accessory.

What are some of your favorite bridesmaid gifts that you have received?

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