What to Look for When Buying a Diamond Eternity Ring

Yellow Diamond Eternity Rings

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In the world of jewelry, it is can be very easy to manufacture a diamond eternity ring.  However, that doesn’t mean anyone can manufacture a perfect diamond eternity ring.  I have personally seen so many eternity rings that are on the market and shouldn’t be.  The easiest thing to look for for someone who is not in the jewelry industry, is to make sure that all of the diamonds are the same size as well as making sure that the color of the diamonds are all the same.  Color is not graded with a microscope.  It is actually graded with an unaided eye.  So, even if a person is not a graduate gemologist they would be able to see a variance in the diamonds if the diamonds were not sorted out properly.

Cushion Diamond Eternity Rings

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In my professional opinion, one of the most important factors is how the diamonds are set in the mounting.  A girdle is the very outer edge of a diamond.  When setting the diamonds on an eternity band, it is very important for the diamonds to be sitting girdle to girdle or side by side.   If there is too much of a gap between the diamonds, the diamond eternity ring with not look beautiful.  Another factor to look out for when buying a diamond eternity ring, is to make sure that the diamonds are not touching one another or sitting on top of each other.  This can and will cause the diamonds to chip.

One common mistake I see consumers make the most is that they are trying to get the best price on a diamond eternity ring on the internet.   Most costumers are comparing price, carat weight, color and clarity to find the best deal.  So the mistake that is being made is that they are not looking at the craftsmanship of the piece.  Having a master diamond setter is a crucial part of making the perfect diamond eternity ring.   So, when purchasing a diamond eternity ring, make sure you are getting a ring that will not only be beautiful, but will also last you a lifetime.


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