What is a GIA Graduate Gemologist?

Our customers benefit from our team of GIA graduate gemologists, who provide excellence in service.

deBebians has a team of GIA graduate gemologists that hand-select every diamond and gemstone used in our jewelry.  Our GIA graduate gemologists assist our customers in finding loose diamonds and also provide complimentary appraisals for jewelry items sold at $1000 or more.  What exactly is a GIA graduate gemologist and how can buying jewelry from one benefit you?

A graduate gemologist is someone who successfully passes the gemological courses at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The course is approximately six months long and involves both classroom education as well as diamond and gemstone grading and identification.  Weekly tests as well as a final course exams in both diamond grading and gemstone identification are all part of the course.  Upon successfully passing all exams, one is awarded the Graduate in Gemology Diploma.

Upon graduation, a graduate gemologist is able to enter into the jewelry industry with expert knowledge to be a diamond grader, jewelry appraiser, fine jewelry sales associate, jewelry designer, diamond buyer and much more.  A graduate gemologist from GIA is armed with the knowledge to grade diamonds based on cut, color, clarity and carat weight (the 4 C’s) and even knows how to classify gemstones as natural or synthetic.

Buying jewelry with the guidance of a GIA graduate gemologist is the best thing you can do for yourself in order to make sure you are making the best purchase possible.  A graduate gemologist is trained to know what to look for and is able to get you the most bang for your buck.  A graduate gemologist is armed with both industry knowledge as well as practical knowledge of where to give and take on your diamond and/or jewelry purchase.  There is a ton of diamond education out there on the web and sometimes can either be misleading or can be just plain overwhelming.

I understand that buying a diamond engagement ring is a huge financial investment but make sure to allow a jewelry expert to guide you along the way so that you make a smart decision.  I have seen customers become too over educated and therefore become too overwhelmed with the entire process.  Buying jewelry should be fun and exciting!  Make sure to educate yourself, ask for assistance from an expert and enjoy the process!

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