What are Your Favorite Pieces of Jewelry?

The love affair between women and their jewelry is nothing new.  In fact, most women have a few staple pieces of jewelry that they enjoy wearing each and every day.  These are timeless pieces of jewelry that can be worn with virtually any piece of clothing and still look fabulous; from a pair of jeans to an evening dress.

favorite pieces of jewelry

Our diamond necklaces can be custom made with different carat weights as well as number of diamonds. Women love the way that these necklaces add a hint of sophistication and glamour to any outfit.

Our bezel diamond station necklaces are our most popular style of necklaces.  We make each of these necklaces to order and create each bezel setting by hand.  A diamond or gemstone necklace is elegant as well as refined.  It has an understated grace that any woman can appreciate.

What other pieces of jewelry can you not live without?  Is there a piece of jewelry that you wear everyday no matter what?  Do you know anyone else that wears a diamond necklace or gemstone necklace?

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