Wedding Band Guide for Men: Platinum Mens Wedding Bands

Mens platinum wedding band FAQ

There are many benefits to selecting platinum mens wedding bands rather than rings made from other types of precious metals.  In this platinum ring FAQ, it will be easy to see the benefits of wearing a mens platinum wedding band.

A mens platinum wedding band is hypoallergenic, which means that even those with severe metal allergies will be able to wear this ring without any problem.



We use platinum 950, which consists of 95% platinum.  Platinum is a hypoallergenic precious metal.  This means that if you are allergic to nickel, you will be able to enjoy a mens platinum wedding band.

A mens platinum wedding band may seem more expensive than a white gold wedding band, however the price per ounce of platinum is actually lower than that of gold at the moment.  However, platinum is more dense than gold, which is why a platinum piece is more expensive than something made from gold.

Also, in the long run it is also more cost-effective to purchase platinum as opposed to white gold because platinum is a superior, all-white metal.

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