Wedding Anniversary Trends: Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings


A 5 stone diamond ring with aquamarine is a lovely wedding anniversary gift to present to your beloved.

The best wedding anniversary gifts come from your heart and represent the time that you have spent together as a married couple.  An anniversary ring is the perfect choice and a five stone diamond ring is one of the most popular styles, which is why it’s among the most popular wedding anniversary trends.

These rings come in many different styles, metal types, and carat weights.  We even offer an array of five diamond engagement ring styles that feature precious gemstones or black diamonds.  These options are an ideal way to commemorate the month in which you and your sweetheart were married by purchasing a five stone diamond ring that also features the birthstones of that particular month.  She will love the sweet sentiment behind your anniversary gift.

How many years are you and your significant other celebrating this year?  Would she wear a five diamond engagement ring as a wedding band upgrade, or do you think she would prefer to wear it on a different hand completely?  Let us know in our comments section.

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