Vintage Wedding Style: Are Halo Engagement Rings Right for You?

A double halo engagement ring features a vintage-inspired design. These classic halo engagement rings are perfect for someone that loves vintage flair.

Today, it is more common for couples to discuss the potential for marriage openly and honestly.  Many women are expecting their significant other to propose, they just do not know when.  Because of this more casual approach to marriage proposals and the act of becoming engaged, many women have the luxury of helping choose their engagement ring, or at least steering their love in the right direction.  But how do you begin choosing the style of ring that is right for you?  If you’re a lover and appreciator of all things vintage, perhaps a halo engagement rings design is the perfect style for you.

Halo engagement rings come in a variety of styles.  They can be as decorative or as simple as you would like.  These rings can be customized with different diamond shapes, carat weights, and even setting styles.  These rings feature a diamond halo, which not only complements the center stone, it also makes it appear larger and more sparkly.  If you are a lover of sparkle and bold, stand out designs, perhaps a double halo engagement ring is the perfect ring for you.

When helping your beau decide on the perfect engagement ring for you, we recommend that you two visit a jewelry store or browse online together.  Explain to him why you prefer some rings and why others just do not appeal to you.  When the time comes, he will plan the perfect proposal, accompanied by the ring of your dreams.

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