Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposals: Cliché or Romantic?

Valentine’s Day is the most popular day of the year for marriage proposals.  But to some, getting engaged (or married) on Valentine’s Day may be a little cheesy and predictable.  What do you think?  Would you turn down or be disappointed by a Valentine’s Day proposal?

A marriage proposal on any day of the year has the potential to be saccharine, but the probability of this is particularly high on Valentine’s Day.  There is an abundance of chocolates, hearts, and red roses–of course a marriage proposal on this most romantic day of the year is likely.  But that doesn’t mean that your proposal isn’t special and extraordinary.  Who cares what day of the year your significant other chooses to propose?  Who cares whether it’s in bed when you’re both wearing your pajamas or if it is on top of a serene mountaintop?  However it happens, this is your marriage proposal and belongs to only you two—there isn’t anything more special or romantic than that.

Halo engagement rings are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

No matter how your marriage proposal happens, deBebians loves being part of your story.  We love working with couples to design the perfect halo ring settings that will take her breath away at the perfect moment.

What do you think of Valentine’s Day marriage proposals?  Would you say yes to a halo engagement rings setting no matter how it was presented to you?  Please share your own personal story in our comments section.

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