Use “Customize It” to Get Your Dream Jewelry

On our site we have tons of different jewelry designs, but sometimes there’s a piece that’s just a little bit different from the kind that you want to buy.  For most types of products, you would just keep looking, but for jewelry and especially jewelry you get from a manufacturer can easily be modified to match the jewelry of your dreams.

Let’s take this new heart pendant for example.

I was really excited to finally get this design on the site because for one thing, it’s just pretty and would make a sweet gift.  I was even MORE excited though after I watched Iron Man 3.

Other Marvel geeks that saw the film should remember that toward the end, Tony Stark has a surgery with the shrapnel that had been in his heart since the first film removed and then presents Pepper Potts with a ruby heart halo pendant for Christmas with the shrapnel lining the chain of the pendant.

Pepper Potts’ Heart Halo Pendant from Iron Man 3

Now that is a beautiful necklace, but I don’t think I’d want to walk around with shrapnel on the chain, so a regular chain like on our heart pendant would suffice.  The ruby heart halo is super cute though and the whole piece together is like he literally gave Pepper his heart.  It’s totally “Aww” worthy, and it made me really want a similar pendant like that myself.

Fortunately, such a thing is in fact possible with the “Customize It” button that is on every product page.

Gorgeous, right?  So don’t let what’s currently available on the site hold you back.  We can make pretty much anything and bring your dreams to life.  This is just an example of one kind of customization we can do, and while it’s one that I would personally want to use it for, I hope that some of our readers agree that it’s a spectacular idea.

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