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personal diamond shopper Every week I have customers who contact me, desperate for help to finally locate the perfect diamond. Over and over I hear how much time they have spent looking and feel so defeated that they can’t seem to find the right company to work with. For many, the anxiety about being pressured into a purchase keeps people away from their local retailer and they are left to navigate the online forum alone. I am always shocked when I hear how long customers have been looking to make a purchase because I know that there is no reason to be spending months looking for an engagement ring online. In fact, I would say when working with a deBebians staff gemologist, anything from a day to a week is an appropriate amount of time to consider a few diamond options and make an informed decision. Purchasing an engagement ring should not feel like a part-time job!

When you contact a gemologist at deBebians, we don’t expect you to know anything. We are simply here to make sure you are making the most informed decision and getting the best diamond you can for your money. We are in this business because we love diamonds and making bridal jewelry! deBebians offers free, unlimited diamond search assistance from our staff gemologists. We are available over the phone as well as via email and live chat if that is a more comfortable avenue for you. We even know that you might not be ready to make a purchase right away and that is okay too!

To get started, please check out our Personal Diamond Shopper form. It is free and oh-so-convenient! All you have to do is fill out the form and we will run a diamond search for you, no questions asked. We will provide our professional recommendations and answer any questions free of any pressure to buy. Your answers will be answered by a GIA graduate gemologist and you might even see a photo of your future diamond if you ask for one!

If half of my customers had asked me for help from the beginning, I know that they would have enjoyed the shopping experience much more. At deBebians, we know that deciding to purchase an engagement ring is unlike any other purchases… let us make it the most enjoyable and exciting experience it can be!

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