Under Halo Engagement Rings

You may have heard the term ‘under halo’ used when shopping around for your engagement ring setting. You probably already know the term ‘halo,’ which is where you have a single border of diamonds going around the center stone. But what exactly does ‘under halo’ mean? Under halo is when you have diamonds set going around the rim or side of the engagement ring. If you view the ring from straight down you may not notice this. However, take a look at the side profile and you’ll see exactly what I mean!


Are you looking for an engagement ring with a little something special? If you are (duh, who isn’t?!) then check out our brand new gorgeous engagement ring design setting we call our Diamond Under Halo Engagement Ring. This diamond accented engagement ring features hand set pave diamonds down the shank, but also features the under halo design element that I have been talking about.  

If you want to add a little something special to your engagement ring setting, be sure to consider an under halo design. It’s very different from a halo engagement ring and many women are preferring this under halo look over an actual halo engagement ring. What do you think?


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