Ultimate March Birthday Gift Guide

It is time to start planning your March birthday gift guide if you have a loved one that was born in this beautiful spring month.  The aquamarine is the birthstone of March and comes from the Latin words “aqua marinus,” which literally mean seawater.  The aquamarine gemstone is a light bluish-green color, which is certainly how it received its name.  This gemstone symbolizes courage, friendship, and faithfulness.  We have a stunning assortment of jewelry available that features this gem.

aquamarine station necklaces


Aquamarine station necklaces can be dressed up or dressed down.

Aqumarine gemstone necklaces are versatile options. These can be worn alone or with other necklaces for a layered look.  Select the metal type, length, and number of stones to create a truly custom piece for the one that you love.

aquamarine rings five stone


Aquamarine five stone rings are great birthday gifts that feature the March birthstone.

An aquamarine five stone ring is also a lovely piece.  These rings can feature aquamarine or aquamarine and white diamonds, depending on what the wearer would enjoy the most.

aquarmine eternity bands


Shared prong aquamarine eternity rings can be set in gold or platinum.

We also have multiple varieties of aquamarine eternity rings available.  The most popular is aquamarine eternity ring shared prong, which beautifully showcases the gemstones.

channel set round aquarmine eternity rings


A channel set eternity ring stacked with other rings would make a unique birthday gift.

We also have an aquamarine eternity band channel setting available, which is the most secure option.  These rings also perfect for stacking multiple rings on one finger.

letter pendant aquamarine


We have aquamarine letter pendants available for every letter of the alphabet.

An aquamarine pendant with your beloved’s initial letter is also a great gift idea.  We have rose, white, and yellow gold available for these classic gold disk pendants.

halo stud earrings aquamarine


Our aquamarine halo studs are surrounded by a beautiful white diamond halo.

Our aquamarine halo stud earrings are our newest additions of our March birthstone jewelry.  These earrings feature princess or round brilliant cut gemstones to maximize both color and sparkle.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  We also specialize in custom pieces of jewelry.  Contact one of our jewelry experts today to start the process.

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