Types of Pave Setting in Diamond Jewelry

Pave diamond jewelry is everywhere. You see pave engagement rings, pave wedding rings and pave earrings rings. Here at deBebians, we sell jewelry featuring two styles of pave…regular pave and u pave. ‘What is pave?’ you may ask. Well, pave refers to the style in which the diamonds or gemstones are set into the metal. A pave setting is when you have diamonds or gemstones set closely together held in place by super small beads of metal. The outcome is a piece of jewelry that literally looks like it’s paved with diamonds. Haha! See? 🙂

The difference between regular pave (sometimes referred to as pave with walls) and u pave can be easily seen by just looking at the piece of jewelry.

Below is an example of regular pave (with walls) versus u pave:
types of pave

pave halo engagement ring u pave halo engagement ring

Can you see how the diamonds in the regular pave ring are more set into the metal whereas in the u pave ring you can see the diamonds from the side in what looks like a U shape? This is where we get the term ‘u pave’ from because you see a U shape on the side where the diamonds are set. Both are gorgeous setting styles and it really comes down to personal preference for which style you love the most. For some clients, the regular pave gives a more antique feel to the piece of jewelry versus the u pave style. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference because you can’t go wrong with either style of pave. Both are amazing!

Recently, we are finding more and more clients that are combining both styles of pave into one piece of jewelry. Below is a ring that features a u pave diamond halo with regular pave walls on the shank of the engagement ring. The contrast in pave setting styles really works here in the piece!

Pave Engagement Ring

Style # HE269 combines a u pave halo and a regular pave shank.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call on us. We look forward to assisting you. Happy shopping!

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