Traveling with Fine Jewelry: Tips and Tricks

Traveling with Jewelry Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means, right? Vacation! Woohoo! Where are you going to go? Europe? The Bahamas? Perhaps a honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Hint hint! Either way, wherever you go, if you take your jewelry with you, you should take extra precautions in keeping it safe.

Personally, when I travel, I leave my more expensive jewelry at home in the safe. A good idea is to just wear your wedding band and to keep your engagement ring locked up in a safe place where you don’t have to worry about it. Wearing your engagement ring could draw attention to you and that is the last thing you want when you are traveling. Another good idea is to wear your fakes. I mean who doesn’t have a set of CZ studs that they can wear in place of their 2 ct diamond studs? If you happen to lose a CZ stud earring while playing in the ocean on your vacation, it’ll be a lot better than losing an actual diamond stud. Also, no one will really be able to tell the difference between your fakes and your real jewels. Only you will know! 🙂

Recently, I came across a blog on the GIA website. It’s from last summer, but it gives you some great pointers for traveling with your jewelry. You may read their post here. There are lots of very helpful pointers and some that I had never even thought of myself. I love the idea of stringing your chains through a straw. This is genius! How many times have you put your chains into your jewelry holder and they have gotten tangled? So frustrating, right? This is a brilliant way to make sure that doesn’t happen! Another pointer I loved is storing your jewelry in a pill box. This is a secure place to store earrings and maybe even rings (if they fit). A pill box is a super inexpensive alternative and something that fits easily into your purse or carry-on luggage.

It’s always good to be mindful of your jewelry when you are traveling! I think leaving your valuables at home in a safe or in a safety deposit box could be your safest bet but, if you do choose to bring your jewels with you, be sure to check out this helpful blog from the Gemological Institute of America! It can’t hurt. Happy travels!

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