Trapezoid Engagement Rings

Trapezoid diamonds are one of my favorite accent stones for an engagement ring.  Trapezoid diamonds are always found as accent stones in a three stone engagement ring.

Faceting on Trapezoid Diamonds

Trapezoid diamonds come with two kinds of faceting:

  1. Step Cut
  2. Brilliant Cut


The best way to explain step cut faceting is to say it looks like an emerald cut or asscher cut diamond.  With step cut faceting it has far less facets than a traditional brilliant cut facet.  Because it has fewer facets the diamond does not sparkle as much.  With step cut faceted stones, you will have to go higher in the clarity.  We typically recommend minimum of a VS2 because otherwise you may see the inclusions to the unaided eye.  I personally love the look of a three stone trapezoid engagement ring with step cuts complimented by either an asshcer cut diamond or an emerald cut diamond.


Brilliant cut trapezoids have lots of facets on the stone.  The trapezoid sparkles a lot and that is why we call it a brilliant cut.  With brilliant cut three stone trapezoid engagement rings, I love the center stone to be a radiant center stone.  The brilliant cut trapezoids look great with a princess cut diamond as well.


Some people like the look of step cuts next to brilliant cut diamonds.  I have designed and manufactured many trapezoid engagement rings with an emerald cut center stone (which has the step cut faceting) and brilliant cut trapezoid diamonds.  I have also done the opposite, for example a radiant cut center stone (brilliant cut) with step cut trapezoids.  There is no wrong answer to all these combinations.  As long as you like the look, that is all that matters.  As a custom engagement ring designer, I will always give my opinion and guide you in making the best decision for you.


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