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Top Reasons to Choose Platinum Bands as Your Wedding Rings

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Trying it find the perfect wedding ring can seem a bit confusing and overwhelming if you have just started the process.  There are many benefits and reasons to choose platinum bands as your ideal wedding rings for the following reasons:

    1. Platinum is a rare metal. This precious metal is even more rare than gold.  Your mens wedding bands platinum are that much more special because they are made with this scarce and sought after metal.


    1. Platinum bands are pure white. White gold rings need to be plated with rhodium to keep their bright white appearance.  Mens wedding bands platinum are made from a superior metal that is white the entire way through.


    1. Mens wedding bands platinum are hypo-allergenic. Sufferers from common metal allergies do not have to worry about wearing platinum bands from deBebians.  We use platinum 950, which consists of 95% platinum and 5% iridium. Iridium is in the platinum family and is also a precious metal.  Other companies use cheap, filler metals, which some may be allergic to.


    1. Platinum bands contain more precious metal than gold rings. While a 14kt gold ring contains only 58.5% gold, our mens wedding bands platinum contain 95% precious platinum.


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