Top 5 Men’s Diamond Rings

One aspect of jewelry for men that is often overlooked is a diamond ring for men.  Much emphasis is placed on diamond jewelry for the ladies, but men can also enjoy having a little sparkle and bling on their finger as well.  Here is a list of our top 5 favorite men’s diamond rings.

#5 Black and White Diamond Eternity Ring

This diamond eternity makes a really bold statement that is quite masculine.  The checkerboard pattern of the diamonds epitomizes strategy, challenges, and reflects a man who is enterprising and valiant.  As it is an eternity band, it can of course be used as a wedding ring as a statement of the eternal bond and devotion between two lovers, but it provides such a wonderful statement of strength, that it could easily be used as fashion jewelry on the finger of a dauntless, high-ranking executive.  This piece is definitely one of our more pricey items in our collection of diamond wedding rings for men, but for good reason as it is of incredible value and quality.

#4 Men’s Diamond Ring with Rose Gold Groove

Rose Gold is definitely a popular option in recent times as it is of such a pretty color and it simply makes your jewelry stand out.  While the pinkish hues of rose gold aren’t typical of men’s fashion accessories, there are a few men out there who can really sport this color and make it look good.  It also makes this an exceptionally romantic piece for the guy who is a bit more sentimental about his relationships and would make a devoted husband to the one he holds most dear.

#3 Brushed Round Black Diamond Domed Wedding Ring

A brushed domed wedding ring with round black diamonds is a more classic style that incorporates diamonds into its design.  The domed wedding ring is a timeless staple for wedding jewelry, but the addition of the black diamonds adds a modern twist that allows men to do something a little extra for their wedding jewelry while also delivering a distinctly masculine appeal with the bold color of the black diamond.  This piece is a great option for the man who finds himself to be the pillar of strength for their partner and is a great supporter of their endeavors.

#2 6 mm Diamond Wedding Band for Men

This particular diamond wedding band is distinctive with a tilted ring of diamonds set into a groove that goes around the band.  Such a sleek and novel look seems similar to a typical eternity ring only with a greater amount of safety and security with the stones secured and flanked on both sides by the metal of your choice.

#1 Bypass Motif Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring

A wedding ring with a bypass motif like this men’s diamond ring can be viewed as representative of how a couple may have met.  Sometimes the best couples meet each other by chance and that idea is where the romantic symbolism behind this design is derived.  The diamonds set into a bypass motif as in this ring appear to be like two people passing each other in the street and the one you are meant to be with could simply be that stranger who passes you on the street.  Every friend or significant other was at one point or another a stranger until the day you formally meet and are introduced to one another, and this ring celebrates the serendipity of finding that one person that came into your life by chance that makes you exceedingly happy.

These five rings are but a small sample of the men’s diamond rings that we offer.  Be sure to check out the rest of our collection and let us know which one is your favorite!

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