Top 5 for Making a deBebians Gatsby Flapper

With the summer film season just around the corner, everyone’s buzzing about the styles from what are expected to be the blockbusters of the year.  One film I’m particularly looking forward to is The Great Gatsby, which is based off the novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  This was one of my favorite books as a child and it paints a wonderful picture of the dazzling lifestyle of the Roaring 20’s and I loved history and period themes.  The film rendition looks like it’s truly set to impress with incredible costumes and collaborations with top designers from fashion to make up to jewelry.

Having all of that in mind, I started wondering what we had in our own collection that would be Gatsby-esque if I wanted to head to the theater in style to see the film as a deBebians flapper girl.

5) Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Flapper style jewelry is generally more on the loose side but sparkly like these diamond tennis bracelets.  You could probably get by with wearing a bangle, but the looseness and little bit of wiggle that a tennis bracelet gives is more authentic and makes it easy to dance, party, and move to the Charleston without having too much of the jingle or clang that bangles would give.

4) Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Station Necklace, Diamond Riviera, Diamond Heart Necklace

Neck jewelry that would fit really comes in all sorts.  While many flappers usually went with an endless string of pearls wrapped around several times, some also went with diamond necklaces.  The key things for a necklace at that time was that they were loose and a lot of times with a dangling center piece to go with the flow of a flapper dress with fringe, but there were also times where they could go with something like a diamond station necklace.  Unlike bracelets, necklaces could have some real flow and could hang loose, but some kept up with the shine and glitter of the rest of their ensemble and went with something similar to our Diamond Riviera Necklace just full of diamonds and effulgent sparkle.  Still others would sometimes be more simple and sentimental and go with a simple pendant, and even some others would even go with most if not all of these options in varying varieties of length.

3) Antique/Vintage Ring

Antique/Vintage Rings

Two of our vintage and art deco ring styles

Finger jewelry is total must have and while there are better, more luminous choices for rings (which are later in this list), these antique pieces are also just as fitting as casual rings to wear with an outfit since the period’s fine jewelry usually was on the spectrum of ornately decorated metal or pieces that were blinding with brilliant shine.

2) Earrings

Halo Stud Earrings

Citrine and diamond halo stud earrings

Our halo stud earrings are our most fitting accessories for the ears for a flapper ensemble.  They sparkle like the sunlight and give just enough pizzazz to attract attention to the face and fit with a short bob hairdo.  Diamond studs would be the classic route to go, but you can add a bit of spice and fun by selecting a halo with a colored gemstone.  The vivid yellow citrine rendition pictured above seems like it will fit nicely with our #1 choice for a Gatsby flapper.

1) Bel Dia Signature Line Halo Ring

Bel Dia Signature Line Rings

The ‘Anastasia’, ‘Josephine’, and ‘Henriette’ engagement ring design styles from the Bel Dia Signature Line

I’m normally not a huge admirer of halo rings, but I’ll make an exception for an occasion like this because the Roaring 20’s style was full of celebrity style with glitz and glamor, and the best of that is embodied in our Bel Dia Signature Line.  This premium collection was designed for those rings with larger than life center stones making these a must have accessory for any Gatsby fan.

These were our choices for a Gatsby themed night on the town.  If you have your own, feel free to share with us and shop our diamond jewelry for the style that suits you!

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