Top 10 Videos from the deBebians Youtube Part 1

Our Youtube channel is a great place to see how our pieces look and get a 360 degree view of our jewelry. Our videos provide our clients with a good idea of what their finished piece will look like when they receive it, which we realize is important for those who are shopping online so it helps to simulate an in-person shopping experience through the computer.  This list takes a quick look at some of our most popular videos and there is a pretty wide range of jewelry styles that Youtubers tend to be interested in, but most especially diamond jewelry.

10) Oval Halo Engagement Ring with Split Shank


This is one of our oldest pieces and also one of our oldest videos.  We were so glad that it was so well received though because it was one we put together as a camera and upload test.  It is truly a beautiful ring though and more than anything, that must be the appeal.

9) Diamond Eternity Band in U-Prong Setting


It may be no surprise why this is one of our top videos.  This particular piece features absolutely stunning diamonds in a U-prong setting, which allows for the utmost amount of light to have contact with the surface of the diamonds allowing this eternity band to have a truly dazzling effect upon view.

8) Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


This piece features a cushion cut yellow diamond and is another one of our classic pieces.  Surrounded by white diamonds, the contrast helps to highlight the beauty of the yellow diamond.  This is augmented further by a yellow gold cup that is placed under the yellow stone to make its color appear even brighter.

7) Eternity Halo Engagement Ring


The eternity ring style is one that is particularly emotive and expressive.  The eternity motif typically is a display of eternal devotion and make great anniversary rings as well as wedding bands.  This particular piece though, applies the connotation to an engagement ring making an incredibly thoughtful display of your affection to someone special.

6) Double Split Shank Double Halo Engagement Ring


An emerald diamond is a cut that emphasizes lavish luxury so it is beautifully matched in a double halo engagement ring like this one that also has a double split in the band.  It is a testament of expert craftsmanship and design with hand-engraving going down the side placed by a master jeweler.

The above makes up the first set of 5 in our top 10 countdown of our popular Youtube videos from our Youtube channel.  Stay tuned for next time when we will go over the 5 remaining popular pieces. For now, feel free to browse our channel for your favorite videos and jewelry pieces. Let us also know which one is your favorite with a like and subscribe for updates with new product videos!

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