Three Stone Engagement Rings

There is something beautiful about a three stone engagement ring. The two side diamonds accent the center stone and all three stones complement one another. After designing over 3,000 engagement rings, I learned that sometimes simple is more elegant.

Three Stone Round Engagement Rings

Pave Accented Three Stone Engagement Ring

The traditional round three stone engagement ring is one of the most classic and popular rings. The brilliance and sparkle of three round brilliant cut diamonds are what appeals to many customers and they just love this look.

Princess Cut Diamond with Trillion Side Stones

Diamond Three Stone Ring with Trillions

Princess cut diamonds and side trillions really complement one another. Typically, princess cut diamonds are square and we hand pick the perfect matching trillions to complement the center stone. I love to see the side stones slightly smaller and slightly lower than the center stone. This way, it looks like the trillion cut stones cascade down from the princess cut diamond making the ring a beautiful three stone diamond ring option.

Oval and Pear Three Stone Engagement Ring

Oval Three Stone Ring with Pears

Oval and pear three stone engagement rings are one of my favorite three stone ring options. The top side of the pear and the top and bottom side of an oval look very similar to one another. All three stones are elongated which is another reason why they look good with one another.

Three Stone Engagement Rings with Half-Moons

Princess Three Stone Ring with Half-Moons

I love setting half moons with center stones that have a straight edge. Because the half moon has a straight edge, they sit nicely next to one another. Great center stone options for a three stone engagement ring with half moons would be princess, emerald, Asscher and radiant diamonds. I have designed many three stone rings with cushion cut diamond in the center and half moons on the side. That looks beautiful as well.

One thing I can tell you about a three stone engagement ring is you can’t go wrong with any combination. As long as you like the look, that’s all that matters.  If we don’t have the side stones for a three stone engagement ring you are looking for, send us an email and we will be able give you a custom quote.





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