The Weekend Honeymoon: Perfect for Busy Newlyweds

If you are worried about taking a week or even a few weeks away from work after you have exchanged your nuptials, you have no need to worry.  One of the growing trends is for couples to take a “Mini-moon” or a weekend honeymoon rather than a lengthy honeymoon vacation.  They can then take a longer vacation later when they timing is right.

For working couples, or couples that already have children, a full-length honeymoon may not be possible.  Rather, a weekend get-away is the perfect type of honeymoon for busy, on-the-go couples.  If you choose to wait for your long honeymoon, you can turn it into a second honeymoon. This creates a chance for you two to rekindle your love and it also gives you a reason to renew your vows.

Platinum mens wedding bands are more important than a honeymoon because you will wear them forever. A second honeymoon is ideal for renewing your wedding vows.

By choosing to take a “Mini Moon,” you two can also save money as a couple.  Instead of spending your wedding budget on a lengthy honeymoon, you can put a down payment down on a house, or even afford the mens platinum wedding band of your dream.  Platinum mens wedding bands are incredibly valuable and with the money you saved from your honeymoon, you will be able to afford any style to your liking.

Your wedding and your honeymoon can be anything that you desire.  If you are two busy to go away for an entire week, look into a weekend honeymoon that is not too far from home.  Spend the weekend in a charming bed and breakfast or in a remote cottage.  No matter what, your mini honeymoon will be incredibly special.

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