The Reemergence of 1920’s Elegance & the Halo Engagement Ring

halo ring round diamond

This halo engagement ring closely resemebles engagement rings that first became popular in the 1920's.

One of the engagement ring styles that is making a comeback is the halo engagement ring.  A halo ring features a larger center stone, surrounded by smaller pave diamonds.  This creates an antique and timeless look that many enjoy.  It brings many back to their childhood and how they felt when looking at a halo engagement ring or their mother or grandmother.  Halo rings gained popularity in the 1920’s and in recent years this style of engagement ring is experiencing a rebirth in popularity.

A halo ring setting can be custom-made for virtually any size stone or shape of diamond.  The halo engagement ring is a throw-back style and they look like heirloom engagement rings.  If the halo ring has milgraining, it also adds to the antique-look of these rings.

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