The Amazing Appeal of Hand-Engraved Solitaires

Hand-Engraved Solitaires

When you’re shopping for an engagement ring, a major concern that a shopper would always have is the price of the ring.  Some engagement rings can be so intricate or diamond encrusted that it can drive the price up and scare some potential shoppers who are searching for that perfect ring.  Solitaires are always simple and affordable, but they’re often so plain and simple that you’d need a really significant center diamond to make a real “wow” factor.

Enter the hand-engraved solitaire.

Hand-engraved solitaires are an unexpected alternative to not only halo engagement rings, but diamond accented rings.  Just check out the photo above.

At first glance, the solitaire ring on the left looks quite a lot like a halo engagement ring, but all of the ornamentation and play on light doesn’t come from a diamond, but from different shapes engraved into the metal.  It’s fooled us a couple of times too with the particular glean off the metal.

The solitaire on the right  has a similar effect with the hand-engraved band.  Your eyes just notice that there’s something on the band rather than it just being plain and flat and in that respect it’s not too much different from a pave band.  Sure it doesn’t have the same incredible sparkle as a band with diamonds set into it, but it sufficiently upgrades the ring with enough ornamentation and accentuation that the difference is fairly minimal.

Best of all, both ring settings are less than $1,000!  Without those extra accent diamonds in an actual halo or pave band, you can save hundreds or thousands and invest that money into a better diamond or even for your wedding or honeymoon.  This makes them a really cost effective way of having a ring that’s a bit more fancy without breaking the bank.

At this moment, these are the only two hand-engraved solitaires that we have on the site, but we are constantly expanding our collection of designs and you can always request the addition of hand-engraving to any of our settings.

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