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Tennis, Anyone?

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A classic tennis bracelet, once called an eternity bracelet, is an in-line bracelet with a pattern of symmetrical and individually set diamonds with the clasp. Although the tennis bracelet was not designed to be a fashion accessory for match play, it was the game of tennis that gave the bracelet its name. The name ” tennis bracelet” came about after an incident at the 1987 U.S. Tennis Championships involving tennis champ Chris Evert. She was wearing an expensive diamond bracelet while playing one of her matches, and the clasp broke. The diamond bracelet slipped off her wrist. She requested to stop the match in order to find the bracelet. Since then that bracelet became known as a diamond tennis bracelet. The incident led the way to a whole new trend in diamond tennis bracelets. Other players like Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini are among those who were seen wearing expensive diamond bracelets in years that followed. The incident also influenced manufacturers to include a safety chain along with the clasp, which made it more secure.

Modern tennis bracelets come in a variety of gemstones color, sizes, and designs appropriate for every occasion from every day to formal wear – and even sportswear. Over the years, the bracelets have become an elegant fashion statement and make great gifts for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or any special occasion. Tennis bracelets are typically lightweight and flexible, making them less likely to be damaged during any activities.

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