Should the woman pick the diamond engagement ring?

Everyone has his or her expectations when it comes to how they are going to choose an engagement ring. Some prefer for it to be a complete surprise, seeking no advice from their partner. Others take a more practical approach and make sure that the expensive ring they are going to buy is exactly what their partner wants.  There is no right way to choose an engagement ring as couples today are quickly changing their feelings about this.

The success of online retail, specifically in the jewelry industry, has exposed the public to endless examples of engagement rings available in the market. From famous jewelry houses such as Tiffany & Co. to online bridal jewelry retailers like deBebians, we all are constantly working towards the promotion and expansion of diamond engagement rings. In the past, purchasing an engagement ring was often a socioeconomic decision rather than a reflection of true intimacy. Today, there are so many different diamond cuts and setting styles that it becomes very much a matter of personal taste. Couples often live together prior to marriage, so one’s preference for a diamond engagement ring can be difficult to hide. Further, men and women are much more financially independent and, so, almost every woman aspires to own a diamond engagement ring one day. Men and women are much more in sync with each other’s personal taste and preferences and view purchasing an engagement ring as something that should reflect that sense of awareness.

While many women receive beautiful engagement rings without dropping a hint, women who do express a preference have the same satisfaction and sense of surprise when they receive their engagement ring.  Sometimes it is not the ring itself, but the manner in which one is proposed to that is the most meaningful and memorable. Working with your partner towards getting the perfect engagement ring can be a very rewarding experience.  When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, the man should feel good about his purchase and the lucky girl should feel beautiful everyday when she wears her diamond engagement ring.

There are many ways to hide the purchase of an engagement ring in order to maintain some element of surprise. deBebians works closely with our clients to make sure we contact them only through the means they express in order to maintain as much of an element of surprise as possible. Often, women contact us initially when looking for a diamond engagement ring but then leave it to their partner to follow through with the purchase. This limits their knowledge of when the ring was purchased and or if it was made at all!  If after reading this blog you still want your engagement ring to be a complete surprise from beginning to end, here are a few tips to help make sure you purchase the right ring:

  • Ask a friend or family member what they think she would like
  • Speak to a jeweler about current design trends and benefits of different kinds of engagement rings. Any staff member at deBebians would be happy to assist you with this.
  • When in doubt, you can always propose with a loose diamond and work on selecting a setting together after the proposal.

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