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Choosing a loose diamond for an engagement ring or other type of fine jewelry should begin and end with deBebians. We offer diamond education pages in order to assist our customers become more informed about the Diamond 4 C's, which is how diamond quality is graded. The cut, color, carat weight, and clarity determine the value of a diamond. It is important to find the perfect balance of these four characteristics to accommodate your budget.

We offer an extensive loose diamond search, which you may browse on your own and at your own convenience at any time. Our loose diamond search allows you to filter the carat weight, shape, color, and more. It is a great place to start to see what characteristics are most important and how the quality of a stone impacts the value.

For an even easier approach to finding the perfect diamond, we offer the option of a Personal Diamond Shopper. Our staff of GIA graduate gemologists will search through thousands of diamonds and provide several options from which to choose. They are diamond experts and will use their knowledge to help you find the best diamond that suits your needs and budget.

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