Save Huge on Halo Engagement Rings during Summer of Love Sale

Seeing as our ‘Summer of Love’ 10% off halo engagement ring settings sale begins today, I wanted to talk about our halo engagement ring settings. Here at, you can choose from thousands of diamonds and lots and lots of halo engagement ring settings. I get the question a lot about whether or not the diamond a customer chooses will fit into the halo engagement ring setting they choose. Well, the answer is ‘Yes!”.   We make all of our halo engagement ring settings for each specific diamond so no matter which diamond you choose, it’ll fit perfectly into the halo.

Here is how we do it at deBebians… Once a customer purchases a diamond and a halo setting, we begin the 3D CAD process. It is here that the measurements for the center diamond are entered so that once the ring is finished and goes to diamond setting, the diamond will fit perfectly into the halo without any gaps. I speak with customers all day long and I find that more often than not, they tell me that other jewelers will use a more standard size halo setting and try to fit any diamond into it. For example, the jeweler may have a halo mounting that fits a 1.00 carat round diamond and if the customer buys a 0.90 carat round diamond, they will set that diamond into the halo mounting meant for a 1.00ct diamond. Seeing as diamonds vary in mm size even at the same exact carat weight, this will not always mean a perfect fit. It is for this reason that we make all of our halo settings specifically for each diamond. Who wants a gap between their diamond and the actual halo?!? Not me! 🙂

Here are a few of my top favorite halo engagement ring designs:

1. Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 1.25cttw

halo engagement ring settings

Yes, I know I talk about this ring over and over but it is probably my favorite rings that we offer. I love the graduated diamonds up the shank and the incredible hand engraving and milgrain accent. LOVE!

2. Round Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Encrusted Basket

halo ring sale deBebians

No detail has been left unturned with this round diamond halo engagement ring.   Notice the diamonds underneath the head? Gorgeous detail and little added surprise!

3. Pear Double Halo Engagement Ring

double halo ring sale

This double halo pear engagement ring is stunning! I love the single shank too because it creates more focus on the halo and center diamond. Another great thing about this ring is that pear shape diamonds tend to look larger than other cut diamonds of the same carat weight. Who doesn’t want a diamond that appears larger? 🙂

Be sure check out all of our halo, double halo and yellow diamond halo engagement rings for this incredible sale! 10% off is a great savings but knowing that whichever diamond you choose will fit perfectly into the setting is even better!! Use coupon code: SUMMER

Happy shopping!

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