Rose Gold: Recent Fad or Here to Stay?

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Today, rose gold has gained popularity for bridal jewelry. Rose gold, which is sometimes referred to as pink gold, is a mixture of pure yellow gold with copper. This creates the delicate color, for which rose gold is famous. The Bel Dia Collection of engagement rings offers all of the engagement rings in 14 karat or 18 karat rose gold, in addition to yellow gold, palladium, and platinum. With more people choosing rose gold for their bridal jewelry, many have been left wondering whether or not rose gold is just a fad or if it is to be a jewelry staple.

In my opinion, I think that rose gold is incredibly elegant and I love the delicate color. I specifically wanted a rose gold bridal set because I think that the coloring is incredibly flattering. My engagement ring has an 18 karat white gold head with an 18 karat rose gold band. Not only does this make the prongs blend into the center diamond, I love that I can seamlessly pair a white gold band with my set down the line if I wish. My husband and I love the look of rose gold so much he even purchased an 18 karat rose gold men’s wedding band. We love that our rings match in terms of precious metal, even if the styles are completely different.

Rose gold has also gained popularity for other jewelry and not just engagement rings and wedding bands. For example, deBebians offers rose gold rolling rings and also select styles of women’s signet rings in rose gold.

From my viewpoint, rose gold is here to stay in the bridal world. Our morganite engagement ring collection continues to grow in popularity and many of our customers purchase a rose gold wedding band to pair with a white precious metal engagement ring. Mixing and matching precious metal colors may seem a little modern, but I feel as though this look will endure the test of time and will continue to be a beloved look.

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