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Push Presents – New Trend is Not Just for Rich Celebrities Anymore

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Push Presents. It appears more and more in the news, the fabulous diamond encrusted celebratory gifts given to mothers for the successful delivery of a child.  Mariah Carey received a white and rose gold necklace studded with diamonds and pink sapphires for delivering her two twin babies a year ago.  Nick Cannon, her husband, had the necklace made to spell out the twin’s names, Moroccan and Monroe.

And reality TV star, Rachel Zoe, has also just received a quarter million 10 carat diamond ring as a Push Present.

For most families, a kiss from a husband for a job well done is more than enough a gift for the joyous occasion of bringing a baby into the world.  Often these kisses are followed with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

But now with celebrities constantly gifting bling bling when a new baby arrives, a new trend is starting to emerge.

Jewelers have since been ramping up ad campaigns to try to attract moms who have their hearts set on owning a beautiful diamond piece.  In 2007, held a survey of 30,000 moms and found that 38% of moms received one.  What is more interesting is that they also found that 58% of moms were expecting a push present.

Not all push presents contain diamonds, but as they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and many moms do want a showy blinging diamond piece to draw the envy of the neighborhood soccer moms club.

A very popular choice amongst couples is jewelry with the birthstone of the baby.  This allows for a wide variety of pieces while adding to the meaning of the gift.

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