Popular Three Stone Engagement Rings from deBebians

Three stone engagement rings are among the most popular choices for settings not only because of their beauty, but also because of the meaning behind the design. The three stones can represent the past, present, and the future that you and your partner will spend together on your journey through life. Many Christians also love the symbolism behind a three stone ring because the three stones can represent the Holy Trinity and the constant presence in their life. I have selected a few of our most popular three stone engagement rings from our Bel Dia collection.

1. Sapphire Accented Three Stone Engagement Ring

three stone Christian engagement rings

Style # RD1026-25-SBS

I personally love this engagement ring because the pop of color from the blue sapphires is a classic combination when paired with white diamonds. It adds an interesting design element to a classic ring and with this setting you cannot beat the price.

2. Trapezoid Three Stone Engagement Ring for Radiant Diamond

three stone engagement ring settings popular

Style # HE228

Brilliant cut trapezoid diamonds are the perfect complement for a center diamond. They offer extra sparkle and give the ring a desirable balance.

3. Asscher Three Stone Engagement Ring with Baguettes

three stone engagement rings meaning

Style # HE168

The tapered step Cut baguettes accent an array of diamond shapes well, but I truly love the look with another step cut diamond, such as an asscher. To me these rings have a slightly vintage feel, yet they are eternally classic and timeless.

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