Popular Men’s Titanium Wedding Rings

Here at deBebians, we offer many metal options for men’s wedding bands. You can choose from traditional metals such as gold, palladium, and platinum or you can choose an alternative metal such as titanium. We have an extensive collection of titanium wedding bands ranging in width from 4 to 12mm and also bands that are high polished, brushed, hammered or even ones that feature a gold inlay. The sky is the limit with our titanium wedding rings. Perhaps it’s their price point or the gunmetal color that attract people to them. Who knows, but either way they are quite popular!

Today, I want to showcase a few of our most popular men’s titanium bands. Please note that my list will also include some of my favorites!  🙂

8mm Titanium Wedding Ring Step Edge Matte Finish


Style # BMTB-38

This 8mm titanium wedding band has one of my favorite band styles. This band features a slight dome with a brushed finish and high polish edges. From what I can see, most men order wedding bands in titanium typically anywhere from 6 to 8mm. We do sell narrower and thicker width rings, but commonly it seems to be anywhere from 6 to 8mm are great options.

7mm Titanium Ring


Style # BMTB-22

This 7mm high polished domed men’s wedding band is as traditional as you can get. This band not only features a comfort fit inside, but the titanium metal will give you that classic gunmetal color that some men are seeking in their wedding band. This is truly an updated version of a classic look.

Titanium and Gold Men's Wedding Band


Style # BMTB-102

This 8mm men’s titanium band is similar to the first one I chose above, but it features a 14kt yellow gold inlay accent. For some men, this is the best of both worlds because you not only get the alternative titanium metal, but you also get the more traditional gold, which is commonly used in wedding jewelry. I love this ring!

Remember that when you are searching for that perfect men’s wedding band, you don’t have to stick with traditional metals. Alternative metals, like titanium, are quite common for men’s wedding bands. Look around on the fingers of married men. I guarantee you will see a variety of metals and many of which are alternative metals. If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to call on us. Happy shopping!

Edit: This post was originally published on August 14, 2015. The post was updated with new photos and information on April 18, 2019.


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