Pink, the Birthstone Color for October

Typically, when we think of birthstones, the gemstones that come to mind are from a standardized list adopted by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912. For the month of October, that birthstone is the opal. In 1952, the Jewelry Industry Council of America updated October to include pink tourmaline as a second choice. Since then, pink has grown in popularity as the birthstone color for October.

Here at deBebians, we offer pink sapphire as an October substitute birthstone, as we currently do not sell opals or pink tourmaline on our website. (If you’re interested in opals or pink tourmaline, please fill out our custom jewelry form for a quote.)

Available in the same pink shade as pink tourmaline, sapphires are highly valued, rare, and less likely to break or succumb to damage. In terms of everyday wear, it’s a more durable gemstone, particularly in a ring setting. If you like to shop around, you may notice that other jewelers similarly offer their own substitutes, such as rose zircon.

If you’d like to make your own substitution, other pink stones we sell include pink topaz and morganite.

Since 1991, pink has become associated with October another way — via the ongoing pink-themed campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer and October’s distinction as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Wearing pink is one way to promote the breast cancer brand and show moral support to women with breast cancer.

Of course, all you need is an appreciation for the color pink to enjoy pink sapphire jewelry. But if you’d like to add another layer of meaning to your jewelry purchase, choosing a pink gemstone for an October birthday can make it extra special.

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