Pink Diamond versus Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Recently, I have been receiving many free custom jewelry quote inquiries from clients who are interested in pink diamond and/or pink sapphire engagement rings and/or wedding bands.  Here is a little more information to guide you through this process as far as selecting either pink diamonds or pink sapphires.

Pink Diamonds:

Pink diamonds are extremely rare and therefore very expensive.  Pink diamonds will have more sparkle because diamonds in general sparkle more than any other gemstone.  The color of the pink diamonds we use at is classified as fancy pink.  We set our fancy pink diamonds in rose gold to enhance the color of the pink diamonds and to really bring it out.   Below, you will find a picture of one of our engagement rings as well as a wedding band set with our fancy pink diamonds.

Cushion Baby Split Double Halo Engagement Ring with Pink Diamonds

Rose Gold Pink Diamond Eternity Ring

Below you will see a chart showing all the different shades of pink diamonds as graded by the GIA.

GIA fancy pink diamonds

Image source: GIA

Pink Sapphires:

Pink sapphires will never sparkle as much as a pink diamond, but pink sapphires come in an array of shades of pink.  When customers ask us to manufacture an engagement ring or wedding band using pink sapphires, we try our best to mimic the color of fancy pink diamonds.  At the end of the day, the lightest pink sapphire is still much darker though than a pink diamond.  However, in my professional opinion, as long as the pink sapphires are light enough, the engagement ring or wedding band will look beautiful.  Below you will see a custom double halo engagement ring with pink sapphires instead of pink diamonds.

Pink Sapphire Double Halo Engagement Ring

After speaking to a lot of clients regarding pink diamond engagement rings versus pink sapphire engagement rings, the reason why people are requesting pink sapphires versus pink diamonds seems to be the price difference.  Personally, my preference is for pink diamonds, but I do understand that budget is an extremely important factor.  If you need assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call on us.

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