Perfect Gift for the Bride: Monogram Jewelry

monogram signet ring

Style # SRRS101 shown with hand engraving.

Monogram necklace

Style # ED135Y shown with computer engraving.

Many brides and grooms choose to exchange gifts on their wedding day. This is an optional tradition that is often accompanied by a heartfelt note that is filled with love and excitement. For the bride, I love the idea of gifting her with classic monogram jewelry.

The jewelry can be engraved with either her new initials or her maiden initials. Jewelry engraved with her maiden initials can symbolize the bride’s past. Though she is beginning a new chapter in her life, she will continue to hold onto her past and treasure where her path has taken her. If you choose to have her married initials engraved on the piece of jewelry, it can represent her embracing her future with her new spouse. Either way, it will be a meaningful piece of jewelry that she will treasure forever.

deBebians offers gold signet rings as well as engravable disk pendants that can be embellished with one, two, or three initials. We offer computer engraving, laser engraving, and hand-engraving. Traditionally, if you are getting three initials engraved on a piece of jewelry, the first initial is first, the last initial is second, and the middle initial is last.

We offer a large variety of signet rings and gold disk pendants in either yellow or white gold. Please contact one of our jewelry experts if you would like assistance in selecting the perfect piece.

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