Pear Shaped Diamonds

While it’s not a traditional selection, pear shaped cut diamonds make lovely engagement rings. It is a beautiful cut with lots of sparkle and dramatic flair. The most common question asked about a pear shaped diamond rings is “Which way should the diamond point face when wearing the ring ?” The best answer? Wear the ring the way you prefer– there is no standard for the “point” direction, and no right or wrong answer. However, many women feel that wearing it pointed down provides a slimming look for the fingers. Pear shaped diamonds require specialized settings – particularly with an added prong to protect the point of the diamond.

When shopping for a pear shaped diamond, it’s very important to pay attention to two issues: the bow-tie effect and “uneven” shoulders. To minimize the bow-tie effect, you should pick the diamonds with excellent or very good symmetry. The point should line up with the apex of the rounded end. The shoulders should form uniform, symmetrical curves, with no straight edges. The rounded top should not appear narrow or squat, but like a semi-circle. The visibility of a bow-tie effect cannot be determined by reviewing the diamond certificate or dimensions–only by visual inspection. I would recommend a minimum of H color and higher and SI1 clarity and higher. The depth percentage should be 56-70%, table 53-62%, with the length to width ratio of 1.45-1.70 . Some people prefer longer, thinner cuts, some shorter, fatter cut diamonds. I would definitely recommend to buy a highest quality grade your budget will allow when looking for a pear shaped diamond.

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