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Peach / Pink Morganite Rings

Loose Morganite

Every time we manufacture a morganite ring, I fall in love with the beautiful peachy color of morganite.  Morganite comes in many colors from very light pink, pink, peach, and brownish peach.  In my professional opinion, the most beautiful color is the peach color.  I personally think the peach color morganite complements the rose gold and the rose gold complements the peach-colored morganite.  I have seen many morganite gemstones in the industry that look washed out or even white.   The only time I like pink morganite is when it is set in white gold.  To me, pink morganite doesn’t look as good in rose gold.  The color of the rose gold is too rich for the pink color and the colors fight with one another instead of complementing one another.  Pink morganite looks beautiful in white gold or platinum.  The pink morganite has a nice contrast against the white gold or platinum.  One thing I look out for when I am purchasing pink morganites is to find a rich pink.  If the pink is too washed out, it will end up looking white once it’s set.

I personally purchased over 250 carats of morganite recently and I am so glad I did.  I  sifted through thousands of carats of morganite to hand select the perfect color, cut and clarity and shape morganite. The high-end color, cut, clarity, and shapes of morganite are becoming scarce.  I have contacted colored stone dealers all over the world to get more and it is getting more and more difficult to get the beautiful peach morganite I have grown to love.  I don’t know if it will keep getting harder and harder to find these beautiful morganite gemstones. If it becomes harder and harder I know one thing and that is the price of the morganites will go up.

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