Oval Cut Diamonds

The history of the oval cut stones dates back to the 14th century but those earliest cuts were rudimentary, made without the skills or tools afforded by today’s cutters. They did very little to enhance the brilliance of the stones. It would be several centuries before the stone cutters would possess the right tools and mathematical skills required to allow for the modern fancy cuts, such as round brilliant cut and its cousin – the oval cut.

In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky published the first mathematical formula for the “ideal cut,” which was swiftly adopted by his father Abraham and his cousin Lazar Kaplan – two very famous Russian diamond cutters of the 20th century. Lazar Kaplan was so talented that with the single blow, he could take a “worthless” diamond and cleave the stone into smaller flawless pieces. In 1957, Mr.Kaplan successfully applied his mastery to perfecting the first Modern Oval Cut. This unique fancy cut features 58 facets, which produce nearly as much scintillation as a Modern round Brilliant Cut, but with the singular shape.

Ovals, in my opinion, provide classy alternatives to the round cut, some ovals of the same carat weight will look larger than rounds. Oval cut can visibly elongate the fingers, providing that long “piano hands “ look. Ovals can vary in shape without diminishing their value. The length to width ratio of 1.35 – 1.50 is considered the classic oval cut. But it is a personal preference really to what your eye will gravitate to, when choosing the oval diamond. Oval cut diamonds possess some degree of bow-tie, varying from near invisible to severe. This is the result of the length of the lower girdle facets being different in the middle of the diamond where they extend out to the sides, than they are in longer sections that extend out into the tips. So, the distribution of the light will never be consistent throughout the oval cut diamond, due to the difference in the facet structure. I recommend to always see the image of the oval cut diamond or see it in person, before making a decision to buy a particular oval cut diamond.

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