Now Introducing the Bel Dia Signature Line from deBebians

Our Bel Dia Signature Line of engagement rings features an array of impressive styles.

Our Bel Dia engagement rings are already beautiful and breathtaking pieces that continue to amaze our customers. However, we are thrilled to unveil our coveted new collection, the Bel Dia Signature Line, which is available exclusively from deBebians. These rings are true works of art and the designs push the boundaries of beauty, opulence, and sophistication.

The rings from the Bel Dia Signature Line features names that reflect great ladies of history and notable figures. The particular name of a ring is not necessarily associated with any one person–but instead a common line of amiable qualities and traits, or perhaps a place of significance and great beauty.

This array of expensive engagement rings feature EGL certified diamonds with higher carat weights.

Each expensive engagement rings design is created for a specific EGL certified diamond. The rings emphasize higher carat weights, ranging from 2+ carats up to over 7 carats, however we can accommodate even larger carat weights.  The collection features white diamonds as well as fancy yellow diamonds to appease every taste. Our rings include diamond cuts that will please any wearer, including round brilliant, radiant, and cushion cut diamonds, to name just a few.

Our designs range from the classic solitaire setting to intricate styles that feature delicate pave diamonds or split shank bands.  The perfect balance between design and fashion is achieved in this marvelous and impressive array of jewelry.

If one of these stunning pieces is perfect for you or the one that you love, please contact deBebians directly to inquire about availability as well as the price. Our GIA graduate gemologists and jewelry experts can answer any of your questions or concerns. At deBebians, we truly feel that these rings are unmatched in artistry and elegance.  Our attention to detail and our love and appreciation of fine jewelry is reflected in each and every one of these pieces.

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