New Pave Band Engagement Ring Styles

In a recent update, we added two new pave band engagement ring styles, which I will be discussing here.

1) Half Pave Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

Half Pave Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is a personal favorite of mine, of course, because I generally favor twisted band styles and asymmetrical rings.  This engagement ring setting combines both aesthetics.  The twisted band is associated with the infinity sign representing eternal love and in many styles is completely set with pave diamonds.  The separate bands that twist and intertwine depict the joining of two lives creating an exceptionally meaningful design aesthetic.  A unique feature about making the design asymmetrical with only one of the twisted bands pave set with diamonds creates a style that is novel and innovative.  It also makes the piece even more meaningful as the differences between the bands exhibit how the couple are two separate people with their own lives and ambitions joining and intersecting upon one beautiful relationship founded upon love.

2) Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Diamond Band

Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Diamond Band

The bezel set diamond is a classic look for an engagement ring and is one of the earliest setting styles for a diamond.  Typically, it is most often employed with a plain solitaire engagement ring, but here it is available with a pave diamond band which incorporates modern aesthetics with tradition.  The bezel setting is also one of the most secure setting styles for a diamond and is ideal for a diamond with a beautiful table as it is the only part that shows through as the rest of the diamond is encapsulated by metal providing safety to the center stone.

We hope you enjoyed this look at two of our newest products.  We are always trying to improve our product line and add designs that align with current trends.  Also, if you don’t see a style that you like, we can always custom make it for you.

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