New Jewelry Designs in Time for Spring

Spring jewelry has arrived and it is just in time for the warming weather. I always enjoy wearing yellow and rose gold jewelry when the sun it out and it is the perfect time of year to have fun with your fine jewelry. Below are some great new products that can be worn all spring & summer long.

1. Coiled Diamond Wedding Ring

Swirled Diamond Ring

Style # DWB-25

Our coiled diamond ring is perfect for any occasion. This ring is edgy, sparkly, and can be worn on any finger. I have seen this ring worn on a fore finger, pinky finger and by woman of all ages. Spiral jewelry has always been in fashion and this ring in particularly is unique because the width tapers. This makes the ring more delicate and comfortable.

2. Gemstone and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Ring Designs

Style # FR-01

Large gemstone cocktail rings are fun to wear with summer outfits. I tend to wear bright colors in the summer time and so matching my clothes with a peachy morganite or purple amethyst is really a lot of fun. Once again, selecting yellow or rose gold will make these rings feel more fashion oriented and less bridal. We are currently expanding our large gemstone collection so any special requests are appreciated!

3. Floral Marquise Diamond Studs

Rose Gold Diamond Flower Studs

Style # DE-01

Flowers are always fresh and beautiful in diamond jewelry. These marquise diamond flower studs are gorgeous to wear every day or in the evening. They also give a large appearance and yet are much more affordable than traditional diamond studs of comparable size. I highly recommend these as a wedding day gift or an anniversary present.

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