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At the beginning of this month, we unveiled a re-engineered diamond search engine across our three loose diamond searches: main loose diamond search, mobile friendly loose diamond search, and yellow diamond loose diamond search. Most of the features apply to the two main white and yellow diamond searches, with the mobile friendly loose diamond search offering fewer features.

Sorting by column headers
Users can now sort their diamond search results by clicking on any column header. For example, clicking on the “price” column header will sort the results by price, either high to low or low to high. On the mobile friendly version, the last form field option provides a sorting option via a drop down menu.

Search results update automatically
For the main loose diamond search and the yellow diamond search, as the user changes various parameters in the search form, the results automatically update.

Ability to compare diamonds
For the main loose diamond search and the yellow diamond search, the user can select various diamonds using the check boxes under the “compare” column header. Anywhere from one to 30 diamonds can be compared at one time. After you have checked off the appropriate diamonds, you can click on the “Compare Diamonds” link near the column headers. Another way to think of this feature is like temporarily bookmarking diamonds. Clicking “Compare Diamonds” will show the selected diamonds only, so you can more easily compare their characteristics. If you’re not sure which diamond is best, or would like to get our professional opinion, click on “Get Expert Advice.”

Get Expert Advice
When you click “Get Expert Advice,” this will generate a form that is used to email the diamond(s) you have selected to our team of GIA graduate gemologists along with your personal message and contact information.

Preview Diamonds
For the main loose diamond search and the yellow diamond search, clicking on a diamond result will generate a pop up displaying more information about that particular diamond. This way you can view more in-depth information about a particular diamond without leaving the search page. If you want to buy the diamond, click “Select” to be taken to the product page where it can be added to your cart.

Mobile Improvements
Most of the features mentioned above apply to the two main diamond searches, but we have also made improvements to the mobile friendly diamond search. This version of the diamond search is intended primarily for cell phones and browsing environments that do not support Javascript. The form has been made much more touch friendly with larger inputs and form fields. For example, let’s say you wanted to select D color diamonds. You can tap anywhere in the surrounding shaded bubble to choose this option, rather than zooming in perfectly and tapping exactly on the little check box.

We hope these improvements make it easier to find the diamond you are looking for. As always, we’re here to help you with your diamond search with our three GIA graduate gemologists on staff.

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