Moissanite Eternity Rings


Recently, we launched a new section on our site of moissanite jewelry, including moissanite eternity rings.  The moissanite we use in these eternity rings is from Charles & Colvard, the Forever One. Our eternity rings with moissanite are manufactured with round cuts and cushion cutss.  We manufacture these eternity rings with shared prongs and also micro pave’.  We have hand-selected these styles based on popularity and so far, they’ve been a huge hit!

Custom Moissanite Eternity Rings

 We can manufacture any custom moissanite eternity ring your heart desires. Just yesterday a client wanted a custom ¾ eternity moissanite ring. We went back and forth with Forever One moissanite and Forever Brilliant moissanite and between 4mm cushion cut moissanite and 4.5mm moissanite. We finally came to a conclusion to manufacture the custom eternity ring using 4mm stones in the Forever One quality. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I had a client ask us to manufacture a custom oval moissanite eternity ring with Forever Brilliant moissanite. Smaller size oval moissanite comes in Forever Brilliant only. Even though the stones were not Forever One, the eternity ring came out amazingly. With smaller size stones, it’s not as important to get the Forever One quality.  Oval moissanite eternity rings are one of my favorite eternity rings. I love the shape of stones and they are becoming more and more popular.

Let me help you design and manufacture the perfect moissanite eternity ring. Browse our section here and remember that if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we can probably manufacture it for you.




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