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Miss Piggy…is a Fashionista?

When people think of fashion icons they usually think first of the most popular celebrities of the day, and while they may be the main driving force of fashion trends in the world, there is something to be said about the fashion influence of Miss Piggy from The Muppets.

For one thing, many of the most popular fashion icons aren’t necessarily appearing in media that is age appropriate for children or that they can understand and relate to.  The interesting thing about Piggy is that since The Muppets is a family friendly franchise aimed at kids, she brings the celebrity diva personality to a level that kids can appreciate, which can do a lot to form their image of what celebrity style should look like.

For myself when I was a kid, I was sure influenced a lot about Piggy’s celebrity style and she was my favorite Muppet out of the cast.  Times have really changed in the last 20 years and Piggy has been put in far more brands than I remember from the original Muppet Show or even Muppets Tonight, but I doubt most will forget the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” number that she did with Whoopi Goldberg…in Harry Winston.

Many people in older crowds might find it hard to understand how that might be impressive, but to a small child who’s still developing their own sense of style and what’s hip, it’s absolutely mind-blowing that something that they’re interested in would get relevance in connection to regular programming and products normally aimed at adults.  It tells those kids that their interests matter too, and a child is likely to remember the style and brands that their favorite childhood icons wear.  Even admittedly for myself as a kid, at one point I did have a toy tiara that looked like the one Piggy was wearing when she performed the same number with Carol Channing.

Undeniably though, Miss Piggy’s way of styling herself is at an all new high and it’s worth a look at some of her jewelry pieces that she sports with some of the brand name outfits she gets to wear.

Seriously, check out that necklace she’s wearing in the photo above.  Piggy tends to wear a lot of pearls, but that diamond necklace there is definitely not a piece to ignore.  Each of those larger pear stones is surrounded by a halo of diamonds with a small diamond in the center hanging on a chain leading to another pear diamond pendant with halo.  That is some celebrity style and Miss Piggy knows how to rock it.  Augmenting that is also a diamond bracelet and amethyst ring with halo rounding out her outfit of lilac Zac Posen and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Check out this shot of Miss Piggy from her appearance on The Voice.  She looks amazing in that red dress, but she’s also sporting a pretty dazzling accessory around her neck with a unique and elegant design with a diamond encrusted bracelet on one arm and diamond bangles on the other.

We hope you enjoyed this look at Miss Piggy’s celebrity fashion style. At deBebians, we know and appreciate how much top stars inspire and inform the latest trends and try to stay on top of them. We offer custom jewelry services to allow our clients to let their imaginations run wild to emulate some of their favorite celebrity styles while making it as easy as possible to acquire the jewelry pieces of their dreams.

Be sure to check out our page on other celebrity jewelry pieces that inspire us as well!

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