Maggie’s Favorites: Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds are becoming more and more popular.  I am seeing black diamonds used a lot more in engagement rings and/or wedding bands.  At first I was a little bit surprised at their popularity but I guess I am a bit more traditional. 🙂 Here at deBebians, we carry black diamond engagement rings, black diamond wedding rings and even black diamond five stone rings.

Today I’d like to discuss what exactly IS a black diamond.  A black diamond will have similar characteristics to white diamonds but they are black because of the numerous inclusions found within the diamond.  These graphite inclusions will make the diamond nearly opaque.  Sometimes I have customers who wonder why they can see the inclusions in a black diamond.  Well, the answer is simple…natural black diamonds are loaded with inclusions.  It is important to note that black diamonds are not graded according to all of the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, carat weight).  Black diamonds are graded for cut and carat weight.  It would be nearly impossible to grade a black diamond for clarity!

Here are some of our most popular black diamond pieces of jewelry…

1. Round Black Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

2. Black Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring with Matching Band

3. 3.00cttw Black and White Diamond Eternity Ring

4. 5 Stone Ring with Black and White Diamonds

5. Halo Studs with Black Diamonds

What do you think?  Would you wear a black diamond engagement ring or wedding band?

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