Laurel Style Diamond Wedding Rings

It’s no surprise that our Laurel eternity ring (item number DWB-54) is one of our best sellers! Take one look and you’ll see why. There is just something about the alternating marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds that flow so elegantly around your finger. At approximately 3.5mm wide and featuring nearly 1.50cttw combined marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds, this Laurel ring is perfect as a wedding ring or anniversary band. View our half laurel eternity ring (item number DWB-63) below as option number 4 on the list.

Recently we added a few other diamond eternity rings that remind me of the Laurel ring.  Today I’d like to highlight these new rings….

  1. Marquise and Round Diamond Gardenia Eternity Ring  
    Our new Gardenia Eternity Ring (item number DWB-57) is a scaled up version of the Laurel ring with nearly 3.00cttw. The marquise and round diamonds are prong set in a similar manner to the Laurel ring. This impressive ring is really a standalone ring and can be your wedding/engagement ring or a right hand ring.
  2. Pear and Round Diamond Eternity Ring  
    Our pear and round diamond eternity ring (item number DWB-56) definitely reminds me of the Laurel ring. Of course this features pear shape diamonds instead of marquises and the round brilliant cut diamonds actually flow in a continuous line curving around the eternity ring, but the designs to me are somewhat similar. One difference for sure is the overall diamond carat weight.  This ring comes in at the 2.00cttw mark. 

  3. Marquise & Round Diamond Channel & Bezel Set Eternity Ring  
    Perhaps the most similar to the Laurel ring though is this new marquise and round eternity ring (item number DWB-55). Of course the diamond setting style is channel and bezel (vs prong on the Laurel), but the overall shape of the ring mimics the shape of the Laurel ring. Price-wise this is also coming in a bit less because the diamond carat weight is a bit less at only about 0.50cttw.  Personally, I love adding the milgrain detail to this ring to give it a more antique feel. 

  4. Half Eternity Marquise and Round Laurel Diamond Ring

    If you love our original laurel eternity ring, you're going to adore our newest wedding ring! This ring is the same as our original design, but it features diamonds only halfway around the ring. Item number DWB-63 is more affordable than the original design, but just as beautiful because it features uniquely distributed marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds.

If you love the Laurel ring but it’s a little out of your budget or not quite enough diamond carat weight, be sure to check out these newly added diamond eternity rings!  To me they have a similar feel.  If these are not what you have in mind, contact us for a custom quote.

Edit: This post was originally published on November 30, 2018. It was updated with new information and images on March 20, 2019.

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